Scott works for you.

Our state senator

Senator Scott Newman makes sure the people of District 18 always have a seat at the table. With his reputation as a principled conservative and his dedication to his constituents and the rule of law, Scott is one of the most effective members of the legislature.

Learn where Scott stands


All Minnesotans deserve access to a great education. During Scott’s time in the Senate, he has supported record funding for our public schools, including additional funds for special education, maintenance, and school safety enhancements.

Recognizing that a four-year degree is not for everyone, Scott is a champion for career and technical education in public schools. Public-private partnerships give students on-the-job training while they’re still high school — saving them money and giving them a leg-up. These success stories are happening right here in Hutchinson.

Health care

Scott believes in a health care system that drives innovation and brings affordable, quality coverage and care to Minnesotans. He helped lead an effort to undo the damage of the Obamacare mandates. The reinsurance program he supported led to double digit premium decreases for individual plans – among the lowest premiums in the nation. He also supported the overhaul of the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) industry that led to lower prescription costs and transparency in drug coverage. And recognizing the need for health care in rural communities, Scott protected the county-based purchasing model and made sure Minnesota is positioned to lead with telemedicine.

Finally, Scott is a leader on issues important to seniors. He supported the landmark elder care protections that passed last year, which includes a senior citizen bill of rights, enhanced consumer protections, and safeguards for seniors against financial exploitation. And Scott was a leading voice against the governor’s disastrous proposal to cut more than $68 million in nursing home funding.

Government & Taxes

Scott believes in a limited government that works for the people.

It’s no secret that Minnesotans are among the highest taxed in the nation — and Scott has worked to bring relief. He was successful in reducing the middle-income income tax rates and voted for three consecutive cuts to the income tax on Social Security benefits as he works towards its full repeal. From federal tax conformity to tax credits for farmers, teachers, college students, and small business owners, Scott works every day to lower the burden on taxpayers.

Scott expects transparency from our state government. He has been successful in passing legislation to increase transparency in the bureaucracy, limiting massive pay raises for bureaucrats, and demanding accountability with the fraud waste and abuse at the Department of Human Services.

Roads & bridges

As chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, Scott plays a leading role in crafting policy around Minnesota’s 135,000 miles of roadway, transit systems, airports, railways, and port authorities.

Scott led the way in securing the independent review that led to the eventual fix of the wasteful MNLARS disaster. To protect the public, he bucked party lines to write the state’s ‘hands-free’ driving law banning cell phone use while driving. He helped secure over $300 million in new funding for roads and bridges — particularly in Greater Minnesota — and led the fight against the governor’s ruinous gas tax increase proposal, instead advocating for dedicated funding that ensures equity between metro and rural areas. Thanks to Scott’s efforts, transportation funds go to worthwhile projects across the entire state instead of irresponsible projects like the $100 million per mile light rail in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Our values

Scott is proud to support our military, veterans, and law enforcement officers every step of the way. He is a voice of reason at the Capitol, pushing back on the bureaucracy that so often gets in the way. He opposes abortion, has a 100% pro-life rating from Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, and has voted to ban tax dollars from being used to pay for abortions. Scott supports our Second Amendment rights and is a key voice in pushing back against the extreme anti-gun proposals at the State Capitol. He proudly sports an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Our communities

Scott is working tirelessly to secure state funds to raise Sibley Co. Road 6 and Highway 93 near Henderson — an area that becomes impassable due to flooding — and to finally complete the four-lane expansion of U.S. Highway 212 from Chaska to Glencoe.

Did you know?

Scott is an experienced litigator, legislator, and law enforcement officer. As the author or coauthor of hundreds of bills, he’s gained a reputation for being reasonable and effective — and he isn’t afraid to cross party lines and get things done. He is known for his compassion, commitment to doing what’s right, and dedication to the rule of law.


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